A photo or videos are nowadays integral part of anyone’s life. Be it a special moment or a random click, people round the globe try to capture every minute of their life on their smartphone and a mobile app like Instagram helps these pictures reach their friends round the world. Over the time, people intend to share more on social platforms, thus having loads of opportunities for such app gaining success. A photo or photographs and video sharing app like Instagram app exert social mobile networks to the next level. Since its launch, this app has been gaining huge popularity, offering new and unique features and creating an unimaginable benchmark for others.

Instagram is one of the most trending reasons why people across the world have taken “traveling” as a serious hobby. Also, Instagram is the reason why digital businesses have started analyzing the photo-sharing app as a pressing business. Instagram is more than just a photo and videos sharing app. It is a package of smaller businesses run under a single sunshade.


How Can Instagram Benefit You as a Photo-sharing Business?

Since people are investing most of their time online, they really wish to have added tools to edit their pictures or exciting perks to attract users to stay intact on their platform. During this time, it is upon you to choose their feeds, sponsored ads, video ads, etc. and earn it. There are lots of perks that Instagram can create for your business, so let’s have a look at the key benefits.

  1. Instagram as an eCommerce Gateway – The success of e-commerce has considered a new phase known as “Social Commerce”. Surely, photo-sharing applications hold the users engaged on the platform. This creates sufficient opportunities for the brands to showcase their outputs in the best of its light for the already engaged consumers and generate an additional source of revenue other than their own apps and websites.
  2. Instagram as a Messenger Chat App – The direct message encourages users to connect deeply with other users. Other than scrolling for minutes or hourly in their feeds, the direct message way has the ability to engage the users with emoji’s, share photographs from the feed, create groups, and chat!
  3. Connect with customers over various channels – Using the Instagram app on your mobile phone allows you to connect with customers over multiple channels and increase cross-channel engagement.
  4. Engaged Traffic – Make a community that comes back again and again, another benefit of using Instagram photos is that traffic that comes from these photos is super-engaged.

Important Things to Consider While Building an Instagram Mobile App

The mobile app development demands lots of planning right from the start-to-end. This intimates that you have to be really on-the-go before launching the initial version of your application.

Every photo-sharing apps seem alike at the grassroots level. Your basic version of photo-sharing app just demands a simple photo-sharing or posting feature with your followers. But the difference begins to build up when you add branding and UI/UX design of your app to create powerful brand information in the mind-set of your users.

  • Personalized feed
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Clean UI/UX designs
  • Easy Photo-sharing option
  • Visuals and graphics

What Makes Instagram So Popular With Its Users?

The design is surely not the sole thing developed by Instagram over the years. As there is an impressive technical feature as well introduced to this app.

  • Stories Highlights: This is a part where users import their continuing & past stories etc. many activities, so they can be seen by the followers on a regular basis, the reply to the story by commenting.
  • Examine Page: This has been re-designed and re-thought.
  • Shoppable Post: This feature enables the business accounts to mark their gains on the photos.
  • IGTV: This YouTube competitor has gained fame with horizontal videos.

What Are Features of Photo-Sharing Mobile App Like Instagram?

Let’s build you’ve selected to create an app that would be similar to Instagram and permit you to share photos/pictures. The greatest thing is the interactive map for Instagram users: –

  1. Authorization/Permission – Create a new profile or sign into via social accounts.
  2. Edit Profile – Add, edit, or delete your personal details.
  3. Posting Photos – Upload the photos, mention the people, add the hashtags,places, GIF, etc. many activities.
  4. Timeline – follow, like, comment, share in contact & groups.
  5. Social features – They have the capability to share the post or request your friends from Facebook.
  6. Photo Customization – Crop, rotate, add filters etc.
  7. Location Service – Get your Geo-data via pictures taken in the app.
  8. Chat Messenger – Text, photo, video, documents, current location.
  9. Push-notifications – Get the current activity notification.
  10. Search/Filters – Username, Visible name, hashtags, post description.

Instagram can be an excellent example of a simple, stylish, and easy-to-use configuration and design.


User Panel

  • Sign Up
  • Home Screen
  • Live Stories
  • Search Media
  • View Profile of other users
  • Post Media – Pictures/Videos/text
  • Direct messages
  • Notifications/ Favorites
  • My Profile
  • Settings & Privacy
  • Misc.

Admin Panel

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • User Manager
  • Report manager
  • Content Manager

Mobile App Development ProcessProcess

Are You Looking to Build a Photo-Sharing Mobile App?

While making a photo-sharing mobile app development, one thing must keep a certain factor in understanding, which is your app must offer amazing, unique features for it to stand out from the crowd and find a place for itself in the overpopulated app market. Simply focus on the uniqueness of your mobile app and the variety of opportunities it is appealing to the users. This will be your best chance to come up with something excellent and worthy.


How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like Instagram?

The cost of the app like an Instagram have to track many factors and time estimation, you have to take into consideration, a number of variable portions.

  • The option between native app development and hybrid app development,using the best features, picking the budget-friendly plan of the mobile app development company and so on. The choice of Operating system, whether it’s iOS or Android or any other Mobile Application platform both matters a lot, We can monitor the engagement of audience on both the operating systems and carefully select initial launch.
  • Additional design features can take extra time and will depend on the tasks. Having things simple and uninstructive is the much you can do here. All the icons, images, and fonts should be simple to perceive and inviting to the sight. As well, don’t neglect to develop a great logo for your app; one that will recognize it in the market, attract users and move along its message.
  • Resources – Outsourcing your Development requirement is the main factor while developing this app. Thoroughly going through the case studies, earlier experiences are required while making the selection.

Development Team

The team that usually develops these kinds of apps include a project manager, mobile app developers depending on the platform, app designers, back-end developer, and others. Always work with a well-experienced app development team.


It’s important that this period belongs to the generation of social media apps. Having a social media platform such as Instagram would allow an all-around advantage to stimulate your business sites. To this time belonging to social networking apps, it can be especially profitable to have a social media platform like Instagram. This will be considered beneficial for your business.Today, people just like to act on new social media platforms and if you give them with that additional benefit, you can become the leader of the track. For the beginners, you can begin with a simple and modern approach, but as time grows, you can boost more ammunition into your app.

Now, it’s time that you get in touch with a great photo-sharing mobile app development company and get started to receive the best benefits.

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