Public transportation is on the rise almost everywhere in the world. In the US only, public transit is higher, 34% in 1995. Companies like Uber have transformed the area with more manageable public transit alternatives. Public transport service app helps you to navigate a route and allow the user to  live navigation for guidance for their commute difficulties.

People board public transport 35 million times every week. The transportation industry is $68 billion, thus, the online transport app will receive its share of engagement and goodwill. The people will receive preference when it reaches to opting for the appropriate public transit options. Before moving their workplace to complete their tasks the users will check the shipping schedules in your logistics and transportation mobile app.

Introducing Most Popular Transport Mobile App

The most popular transport apps, these three will present a view of the entire route information generated over a Google map. This indicates that you can view the entire length of a bus road and where the individual bus is in real-time.


When you open the Transit app, you’re given real-time info for every nearby public transport service. This is best for commuters, you already know where you’re moving, so all you require is the real-time arrival transportation information.


Moovit is separated into three simple categories: – 

  • Directions
  • Stations 
  • Lines

This allows you to route your trip or explore for real-time arrival information at any bus stop or train station in your center. This app runs in over 2,000 cities around the world.


According to the company’s transit team, the goal is to discourage people from using their personal vehicles by allowing more transportation choices, whether that’s a scooter, bike, and bus or train. It’s no secret that Uber aspires to become the “One Ring” for transport, the on-demand transportation app development that makes all other methods together and, in the darkness, joins them.

Customer App Features

  1. Registration: The user will have to register using an email or contact number, the customer will get an OTP verification.
  2. Social Login: The user will be able to login by their social media accounts like Facebook and Google.
  3. Search with Filters: Customers will have a search bar to search for their required things. 
  4. Real-time Tracking: With the help of your GPS tracking facility, the customer can see real-time updates, delivered directly from the transportation mediums like buses, trains. 
  5. Vehicles Selection: Here the user can select vehicles according to their wants and desires.
  6. Push Notification: Push notification will help you to alert for deliveries, tracking, and so on.
  7. Online Booking: The c customer can schedule their bookings and manage them too. 
  8. Billing & Payment Method: Using an accessible payment method they can easily pay the amount online.
  9. Geolocation Map View: You can integrate the geolocation map in your transport app for accurate public commuting services in the city.
  10. Track Shipment: Customers easily can track and view the current location in real-time time and can put a query.
  11. Offline View of Schedule: Let your customer have an offline view of schedules, route plans so that they can plan their trip.
  12. Review & Rating: Customers can give ratings and reviews to the drivers according to their given services.

Driver App Features

  1. Register: Driver can register using email and password with complete details. 
  2. Request: Manages all requests by drivers to get for shipping a product. The driver can see also pending and completed requests.
  3. Shipper Details: for the delivery shipper details like name, address, contact information, destination location, and invoice, and so on are stored here.
  4. Track Location: The Driver easily can track to pick and deliver the delivery on real-time fastest and safest way for delivery.
  5. View Bill Details: The driver keeps the bills related to everything for a particular journey.
  6. Review & Rating: Drivers able to view received review & rating.

Logistics and Transportation Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Shipping Vendor App Features

  1. Sign up: A vendor able to sign up with their complete details about centers. After approval, vendors can use features.
  2. View received request: The vendor can view all the received requests which are sent from the customer to shipment or delivery.
  3. Accept & Reject: Vendor able to accept or reject the new customer booking. Shipping vendors can do according to their availability. 
  4. View Payment details: The vendor can view details of received payment of the booking. They can access the history of payment with date, date, and more details. 
  5. Reminder: The vendor has a reminder facility to remind them of the upcoming d if delivery has any pre-scheduled.
  6. Manage Customer: Vendor able to view, edit, and delete to customers from their platform, view contact details, and can contact them. 
  7. Manage Reports: The vendor will be managing a report of delivery with delivery agents and shipping agents.
  8. Manage Vehicle: The vendor can add vehicles according to their availability, Add, edit, and delete. 
  9. Manage Expenses: the vendor will have complete details to manage all expenses separately in a delivery. 
  10. Driver Management: With the complete details and verified by the admin, they can manage their drivers.
  11. Review & Rating: Vendor can view review & rating which is given by customers according to services provided.

 Admin Panel

  1. Login: The admin can log in with the email id and password and manage the overall system integrity.
  2. Dashboard: Admin can analyze all the user’s details pending and create and all the other information linked with business insights.
  3. Monitor Drivers: All the drivers that are connected in the shipping and the number of orders with details done by them.
  4. Manage Vehicles: The vehicles and all the added expenses acquired while executing deliveries are managed and saved.
  5. Push Notifications: It helps to notify them about activities in the app. 
  6. Billing & Invoice: All the bills and the invoices that are generated by the user or driver are reviewed and approved by the admin.
  7. Manage Payment: Admin can view and manage online transactions.

How much does it cost to develop a transport app like  Moovit, Transit

Once you determine all the features you can go with the standard and advanced features or as per your requirements, then the cost to create an on-demand Transportation App, you’ll need to know the actual development cost of transportation apps like Moovit, Transit. 

The cost will depend on a number of factors, and we have to examine your requirements, features to be included, platform, and timeframe.

 Team Required

Hire Dedicated Developers from Deorwine Infotech to create your transportation app like Moovit, Transit. And we need to involve team: – 

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager 
  • Back-End Developer
  • Mobile App Developer – React Native Developer
  • QA (Tester)
  • Support & Maintenance

Do You Have A Transportation App Idea?

Mobile App development has rightfully become a significant asset to the industry. This refers especially to on-demand solutions models where the whole business is based on the effectiveness of the app.


Deorwine Infotech is the best on-demand Transportation App Like Moovit, Transit with the different-2 platforms. If you have planned to create an app for the transport and logistics business, then contact the Mobile app development company.

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