The diet and nutrition app is excellent for people who are looking to perfect the health and shape of the body. The mobile app development helps different age groups performing the main guiding role with daily workout and exercise.

If you are looking into the million-dollar health and fitness industry solution including the impressive Diet & Nutrition mobile app, that endpoint lies within mobile app quality standards, customer engagement even a profit level that is driving you, and more undoubtedly to follow the latest passion.

Percentage of U.S. adults who would use an app to track their diet and nutrition as of 2017, by age

The Fastest-Growing App Categories in 2020

Increased awareness day-by-day about their health and fitness, the Diet and Nutrition mobile app development has started gaining popularity in the world.

Top Players in Diet and Nutrition App Market

Must-Have Key Features While Developing Diet and Nutrition Mobile App

Diet and Nutrition App features are most popular because of using above million of users and can meet with your patients/user’s requirements. These kinds of features are impressive that everyone wants to use and attract to meet with this diet and nutrition app.

The best Diet and Nutrition Mobile App development company offers exclusive features and functionalities that can be customized for every app. 

Let’s explore the included features that help achieve goals through mobile app development.

  1. Sign-in/Sign-up: Sign in and Sign both have their own screen. An existing user can easily sign in with their login credentials such as email and password. Also, a new user must have to sign up with the required details such as First name, last name, age, height, weight, food preference, allergies etc.
  2. Social Login: Social login helps to login with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more integrated mediums.
  3. Diet Suggestion: That feature helps to have a healthy diet plan suggestion where users are able to get various suggestions about diet plans according to their desired weight and food preferences.
  4. Advanced Search: This search option helps to make searching more easy as per user’s preference and get a better result according to their input.
  5. Push Notification: A push notification increases engagement with your app also helps to keep updated with the mobile app and improves user recognition standards.
  6. View Daily Reports: A user can view the complete report such as daily weight, food, diet, etc., such things, and the user can overserv their plan improvement daily.
  7. Hire Nutritionist Trainers: Users can hire or take advice from a trainer or doctor before following any exercise or choosing any recipe.
  8. Payment Gateway Method: Users can have multiple payment methods that can choose anyone and can pay the trainer at the time of hiring.
  9. Feedback: Users can provide their feedback on their trainer or diet plan. It will be helpful for them to improve their services.

Trainer App

  1. Sing up/Sign In: A trainer can sign in with the credentials and sign up with their specifications, qualification etc.
  2. Provide Diet Plan: A trainer can help to their following users who are looking for a better diet plan
  3. Accept & View Payment: A trainer is able to accept the payment from their user and they can view the details as well.
  4. Manage Profile: Trainer is able to set up and manage his/her public profile by adding, updating and deleting the details.

Admin Panel

  1. Login: A admin can have an login with the mail id and password, so that admin can review into the admin.
  2. Dashboard: A dashboard is an overview of the entire platform where the admin can be assured about the activities such as total users registered for today, total trainer etc.
  3. Manage User/Trainer: Admin panel can manage the complete details of the user and trainer that can be searched, add, edit and delete.
  4. Diet & Description: Admin can manage diet by providing descriptions so that a user can read them and follow the same.
  5. Content Management System: CMS can manage all kinds of content that are interacting with users. A developer can develop it with the latest technologies and programming languages that can give a strong and secure solution.

Advanced Features can be included:

  • Connectivity Wearable Devices
  • Apple HealthKit and Google Fit
  • Real-time tracking to Track Trainer’s Office
  • Membership Plan 
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Advertise Management Modules
  • Real-Time Analytics

Team Required To Develop Diet & Nutrition Mobile App

Hire dedicated developers when you are planning to develop a diet and nutrition. We offer a Freelancer developer or a team that can manage your project from befen to end.

  1. Project Manager: A project manager should have knowledge about the technology and mobile industry. A project manager will make a deep study on the project and how she/he can manage the entire project.
  1. Developer: You need to hire developers for Front-end and back-end both. To develop the on-demand Diet and Nutrition App we require Android developer, iOS developer and Admin web developer. The expert company can develop it with the best programming language.
  1. Designer: With the expertise in designing we need to hire a UX/UI Designer to create an impressive and easy to use design for the mobile app. She/he must be expertise in various design domains.
  1. Tester: A tester must have knowledge about the diet and nutrition industry so that they can test the app accordingly. If the team is strong then they can find the best error-resolving solving.

How much does it cost to develop an Diet and Nutrition Mobile App

The cost of Beauty Service Mobile App totally depends on platforms, functionality, features, party applications, and the number of complexities included in the development. Furthermore, the cost also depends on the following factors:

The cost to develop a diet and nutrition app included many facts such as Designing, Team, development time, testing, Features, functionalities and complexity as well. Different countries and different experiences have their own cost and support.

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A diet and nutrition app is the most growing in the market after the COVID-19 pandemic. We are an experienced and expert mobile app development company that is well-know to the diet and nutrition industry. We have an entire team who are performing well to get a better result always.

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