Television, as we all know it while growing up is well on its way to end! It is mostly just some musty old movies interspersed with an extensive number of advertisements that you have to sit through. Most of the content being displayed is stale as well, with limited to no excitement!

On-demand Video Streaming Mobile Application is a way to the future of interesting viewing users who are actively looking for something new, interesting content without insignificant interruption. One of the most productive characteristics of these apps is that the customer can see their favourite, popular shows including live sports on their mobile devices. Both are beneficial Android app development and iPhone app development for the Netflix app.

People want to watch high-quality videos that resemble their interests. On television, programs air at set times, surrounding viewers. To fit their schedules, people turn to Entertainment app development to fulfil their need for video entertainment.

App like a Netflix, Streaming video content is available immediately, enabling users to watch shows or movies they like at a time that satisfies them and without being disrupted every 15 minutes by obnoxious ads. What’s extra, when using mobile-friendly video streaming applications, people can view their favorite shows on the go.


Benefits of Video Streaming Application

The world of entertainment has taken a large rise from TV to video streaming apps, so here are the benefits of an app like a Netflix: –

  1. Simple Multitasking: Video streaming apps customers can perform important tasks while they watch their favorite show in background mode.
  2. Video Streaming: There are many interpretation benefits so that the users can choose the quality type as per their device & net connection.
  3. Subscription: This feature runs quite amazing as it keeps users updated about new shows & episodes of a series that they are following.
  4. Storage facility: Nowsmart TVs have this feature to store live cricket sports or TV shows for “Watch Later”, these apps have local storage feature so it allows users to download & save videos to watch later.
  5. Video-Sharing: Today when people not just like videos and pictures even they share pictures, videos, or work via many devices of social media and also earn from it, these apps are certain to shine as they offer various features like broadcasting, live video sharing and video conferencing.

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Key Features of On-demand Video Streaming Application like a Netflix

The details state that much of entertainment businesses beyond the globe are investing a handsome amount in video streaming mobile app development and seeking expert mobile application developers to get a big part in growing multi-million dollar Video-on-demand industry. Most of the people get confused above the features and functionalities and disappoint to choose the best one.

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Customer App Features

  1. Registration – Registration is one of the main steps to start using a service. With the multiple options to registration like choose a mobile number for OTP verification, Facebook login or Google login. Do not forget to add the option to recover a password when the customer forgets the credentials accidentally.
  2. User Account – There should also be a choice to edit and personalize the user account and manage their data, email addresses, and passwords. Also, the developer provides you with accounts that should support multiple user profiles that keep track of each person’s favourite shows personalized recommendations about what to watch.
  3. Search – Let the user search by the entire database for performing a particular video. Instead, keep filters for searching by location, broadcast topic, date, length of the video, styles, language, and most-watched, etc. If the user knows what they are looking for in a few seconds, it will certainly leave a positive impression.
  4. Block Screenshots –Copyright security should be integrated as this way users won’t be capable to take and use images from any content.
  5. Review & Rating –Users are able to leave their review & rating to the shows, episode and web series etc.
  6. Share Screen – Anyone who works on Skype is aware of the “share the screen” feature. This is just displaying another person what he or she would view on the mobile screen. It offers streaming videos more accessible than ever and reduces the confused about making tutorials.
  7. Chat & Comments –Communicating with more users is easy as you just need to leave a comment.
  8. Push Notification –Users get a notification, every time a new series is published or related to any activity.
  9. Geolocation Tracking System – It gives the user to decide which broadcasts to watch from the map itself. The user’s current location to display who is live broadcasting in that area.
  10. Multiple Language Support –A Netflix-app should help as many languages, as this system, it will have as several users.
  11. Payment Method – Mobile App Development, provides avideo streaming service that has a range of payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, special-use cards, and prepaid credit cards for web and mobile apps, especially if the platform targets many areas.
  12. Settings -Users can choose subtitles, audio tracks, play/pause, control volume, rewind, etc.

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Web Admin Features

  1. Video Streaming: Do the streaming from an external server and manage the app as lightweight as possible. The broadcasting stream states via the server to the user device and visits there until the user is watching it, saves files in local storage, examines the copyright issues, the choice for saving the videos in the external storage. After the usage, it is automatically removed from the server-side. The server will convert the broadcast and will do the communication with the application. Cloud servers are a must for video streaming applications.
  2. Stream Quality – This is one of the major features to consider while on-demand solutions for video streaming app development. It supports the users to watch perfect still if the network bandwidth is down. It would be more satisfying to keep the below option as for the video quality to 144p and higher option up to 1080p or 4k.
  3. Subscription & Revenue Model: This feature benefits the users to stay connected with the app to be updated when any new video comes up from their favourite collection or performing teams. It is the best method to generate engagement between the user and the app. If any broadcaster does not provide free subscription then it is sufficient to keep the option to redirect the user for in-app purchases from there.
  4. Push Notifications – It assists the users to stay notified with all the current happening without moving on the app all the time. Therefore, when their favourite broadcaster begins streaming something they will receive a push notification on the device for the equivalent without needing anything.
  5. Analytics – In the admin section, the most powerful feature is Analytics and Monitoring. One can analyse the live viewers and broadcasters in an overall graphical manner. The admin will also be conscious of the real-time insights of the usage of the app and past data to make additional decisions

Advance features

There are a set of methods in which you can use from an app, some of the important models that you can follow are:

  • In-App Advertisements
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Subscriptions
  • Sponsoring
  • In-App Purchases
  • Charging Commissions from Content Providers

Cost to Develop an on-demand Video Streaming App Like Netflix

The cost of on-demand video streaming app development depends on the number of features & Mobile App Development Company as the cost to development is different based on country, features, and timeframe to develop the complete app. Most of the companies charge on an hourly basis, full time. For the cost estimation to know about “How much does it cost to build an app like Netflix?” To help you know how the cost is determined, here we have listed some of the significant factors that affect the development cost: –

  1. App Designing: – The more it will cost as it’s required to bring something unique yet user-friendly UI/UX designs to take the audience’s consciousness. It can be simple, attractive and loaded as per the budget and value.
  2. App Size: – App size is determined by its features and functionalities which choose the cost of the app. It’s the key factor which greatly affects the cost and provides admin to choose feature and functionalities.
  3. App Developers: –The overall development cost depends on the experienced app developers, and expertise can affect the complete cost.
  4. Choose an App Platform: – Choosing the app platform determines the development cost and directly influences it. Android App Development and iPhone App Development require a well-planned and budget which is affordable.
  5. Choose App Development Company: –There are large app development companies and easy development organizations they both cost application development differently. Choose the Mobile App Development Company carefully and keeping the budget in mind.

Team Structure

Hire Dedicated Developer for your Video Streaming Mobile App Development from here with the expert in developing: –



There is a huge difference between the development processes for a video streaming app like Netflix for android and iOS and therefore the costs change as well!

Give your targeted audience the factors they are looking for by recording into the entertainment industry and giving the customer a satisfying experience. We at Deorwine Infotech assist you to develop a top-rated mobile app utilizing the latest technology and keeping market aims in mind. We provide a cost-effective solution for an app like a Netflix to people who are looking for satisfying their needs about app development.

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