We are living in an era where the internet is everything from booking a taxi to ordering food or grocery and booking laundry done at the customer’s doorstep. Through the maid service app that can provide the best housekeeping and cleaning services solution that helps to establish a successful home-services industry.

A lot of startups have already entered the on-demand home-services market by developing their on-demand solution. 12,896 hours is the estimated time where a person consumes tidying their homes throughout their lifetime and that is 1,5 years or 77 weeks. These figures simply correspond with modern reality.

Kind of Categories Can Be Added to Your Maids On-Demand App

Some essential services can be offered with a mobile app, also you can request to add a lot of categories, customized pages, and elements according to your business requirements.

  • Regular Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Move-in/Move-Out Cleaning
  • After Builders Cleaning

Deorwine Infotech can assist you to develop a fully customized maid finder app tailored for your company.

3 Reasons Why Your Food Truck Business Needs a Mobile App

Create an Uber For Maids

As per market research here are some curious facts and stats:

  • The inclusive revenue of the home services industry has been estimated to be $280 billion in 2018 and it is expected to reach above $1,200 billion by 2026.
  • According to Harvard Business Review, Above 22.4 million customers use on-demand services annually and take experience, this number is growing constantly.
  • Most of the requests for cleaning services get from the commercial sector around 55%, industrial followed by 30% and residential 15% sectors.

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Best 3 Maids On Demand App Ideas To Disrupt Home-Services Industry

  1. On-Demand Model Best 3 Maids On Demand App Ideas To Disrupt Home-Services Industry
  2. When you are planning to start a housekeeper for home service with a team of professional cleaners and handymen, you must need a platform that can help you to get and attract more customers to your service. That platform improves customer experience and increases service visibility.
  3. The startup can develop customized maids to clean app that simplify the service and make it easy for your customers by managing all the available service requests through a mobile app along with real-time tracking. Maids On-Demand Solution provides you an easy solution to book service. Your customer can:
    • Tap a button to make a request for housekeeping and a specialist to get a particular work performed.
    • Make a fixed and fair cost for each job.
    • Choose a convenient payment method and Pay online for the work done.
    • Give review and rating your professionals’ services according to your experience.
    • Schedule an appointment with a date and time at your customer’s convenience.


  4. Including the on-demand business model where owners are able to deliver both quality service, service, and experience to their customers with an easy-to-use mobile app.
  1. Curation Model
  2. With business development, a business can develop an App-based platform that consists of a directory of expert household cleaners placed in a nearby place. Develop a mobile app where individual professionals can list themselves under the specific category of household service.
  3. Usually, it serves as a recommendation guide for consumers, providing full information around this variety of services offering the techniques and equipment that used rating and reviews of professionals. It allows your customers to get a record of nearby household cleaning experts.
  4. Explore certified professionals for various household cleaning tasks. It gets detailed information such as review, rating, timing, cost estimates, equipment detail, etc., and examine the cost by several cleaning professionals.
  1. Online Marketplace
  2. Businesses can provide the best quality of local housekeeping services at their fingertips by creating an on-demand app-based online market that helps to connect freelance experts and background-checked specialists in the home-service industry who want to get the places cleaned up. The online marketplace runs just like Airbnb, as it thinks of it as an Airbnb for house cleaning. A brand can build a great marketplace by making customized applications for cleaning professionals and customers that can hire individual professionals based on their charges, rating, and reviews.
  3. Customers can benefit from this model where you can post a job request or hire a professional nearby. It also helps to get custom quotes from various cleaning professionals and check rating and review and business outlines of professionals. Select the professional as per their requirements and book an online appointment.

Best Revenue Model For Maid service App

The next big thing arriving is that you need to determine before uber cleaning service if you are monetizing your mobile app. Outstanding cleaning service marketplace joins users with their service providers that regulate the relationships between their connections of users.

There are diverse alternatives you can get profit from a housemaid service online marketplace:

  • Registration Fee: It takes some amount to the registration of various new service providers for proving their importance. Don’t just take the fee, but provide amazing value in the exchange market. For example, the Hux platform has $17 off registration fees for a background analysis that helps to generate consumer trust.
  • Freemium: This is the most popular feature which is a subscription with partially free entrance to the platform in an easy way. This feature allows users to register and access the platform functionality without charge. When they need excellent features on the advanced level where they are able to pay to upgrade their statements. Presenting an example, Porch offers an upgrade with membership in the Vetted Pros Program for $359.99 yearly.
  • Lead Fees: The fee is received from the maid booking app pre-paid deposit for a specific lead whenever the service has booked or not, it thumbtack prices 20% of each lead if the service providers initiate a conversation with them.
  • Transaction Fee: The online marketplace platform may charge for each amount of transaction either fixed-price or any specific percentage of each payment through the platform. Takes fee either from the clients Handy – $3 or from the home service providers TaskRabbit – 15%.
  • Featured Listings & Ads: Some platforms don’t charge for leads, sign-up, or any transactions that push their users for buying extra services that might charge to the top position as input in the search outcomes and customization of their profile that shows in featured listings or banner ads.

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How Much Does It Cost To Create a House Cleaning Applications

The features and business logic of projects modify that it is impossible to give accurate valuations without investigating the exact requirements and needs. Now Let’s consider that you are starting an On-Demand Solutions including the following collection of features.

Customer App Features

  • Registration
  • Login
  • User profile
  • Advanced Search
  • Booking Service
  • Payments Method
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Messaging
  • Push Notifications
  • View History
  • Customer Support

Service Provider App

  • Sign up/in and verification
  • Profile Manage
  • Order management
  • Managing finances
  • Dashboard and reports
  • Progress tracking
  • View Review & Rating
  • Customer Support

Admin Section

  • Login
  • Service fees management
  • CMS Manage
  • CRM Manage
  • Push Notification
  • User Management
  • Reports

Home Service Provider App Solution Development and cost depending on the complexity of the required features. That presented cost with QA testing that is an essential element of the development and prevents unnecessary rework in the extended run.

Maids On Demand App Development With Deorwine Infotech

We are capable of understanding and love to help you at every next step of your project development journey; from coming with a listing of requirements to the launch mobile app. We have rich experience in the development of online marketplaces and complex systems which are the projects that we are independent of, the marketplace that offers cleaning, and many home repair services.

The platform has a complicated research and matching device that delivers into statement multiple parameters for producing the most important results.

We have an experienced and talented team that has a deep understanding of mobile apps and able to understand the client’s needs and requirements.

Maid service app India provides an easy solution and provides a service on one tap only, where users can find out according to their requirements.

Are You Interested To Create An House Cleaning app?

Once your market research has been successful about your users that need an easy way to reach your solution and service. House keeper apps can help you with communication with your customers, book appointments, payment transfers and do business in a few clicks only.

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Before developing an uber for maids marketplace, you have to do market research on your customers and their needs rather than opponents where their weaknesses, and finally your application user flow.

Hire React Native Developer who can make your dream into reality by developing a mobile app that makes a great market and know where to build the critical flow of the app.

Home Services App is the biggest market and challenging to the trend just because of customer’s needs. The mobile app development process can save a huge amount on operational expenses and it involves cutting-edge technologies including less human resources involved. The housekeeping app free app is able to act as a huge marketing tool so that you can save money on business promotion.

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