Apurav Gaur

Apurav Gaur

Co-founder at Deorwine Infotech

Food Delivery App Development Food ordering system Mobile App Development

11 best food discount apps for the foodie

Convenience has encouraged users to meet the variety of food through mobile applications to get the thing done efficiently and this is the fundamental reason behind the success of on-demand mobile apps. ...

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What is ePacket delivery? You all Need to Know About ePacket Shipping

It is 2021, and more than ever, ePacket delivery has become increasingly popular with several e-commerce sellers resorting to it for the delivery of their merchants to clients in different countries of the worl...

On Demand Businesses On Demand Delivery Companies On Demand Economy On Demand Services

9 Service industries that drive the on-demand economy

The on-demand services industry possesses observed rapid growth up-to-date. From food, transportation, grocery delivery, medicine booking and delivery, doctor’s appointments where the on-demand marketplace cont...

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How to develop School mobile App: Cost and features

Now, mobile app development is an integral segment in the education industry to grow with the trending technology. Many educational institutions transfer school app development companies that provide them end-t...

Food Delivery App Design Food Delivery App Development Grubhub Business Model

Grubhub: Business and Revenue model explained

On-demand Food delivery is the most solicited service nowadays as almost every industry is delivering. Glancing at the extensive influx of users online food order, and a number of startups aspirants globally th...

Hybrid App Hybrid vs Native Apps Pros and Cons React Native React Native App Development

Hybrid vs Native App development – Which is better?

In the modern era, the smartphone has become a great instrument advantage as they offer various benefits such as instant communication through email and social networking, web surfing, GPS, and other productivi...

Mobile App Development Private Space Booking App Private Space Booking App Development Restaurant Table Booking App

Private Space Booking App in Restaurant for Meeting (Cost & Feature)

With the running in a digital system, many online platforms are ruling in every segment, Also, it is important to have Online Private Space Booking App in Restaurant for Meeting. Booking the online space perfec...

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Why to Choose Deorwine for car wash app development?

Do You have your Dream Car? To have a dream car is a hearty wish for everyone. Many of us have bought a car and taken a long drive with our family, and friends, but maintaining and caring is an entirely differe...

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How to earn Money from Marketplace app

When we look at the top marketplaces such as Amazon, Airbnb, eBay, or Uber, and they are large and profitable firms around the world. These are gathering thousands of vendors as well as customers/users.  Market...