Apurav Gaur

Apurav Gaur

Co-founder at Deorwine Infotech

Mobile App Development

The Best Way to Third-Party API Integration in Mobile Apps

Third-party API Integration in Mobile Apps – Everything You Need to Know Surely, you would be familiar with the word “API” as nowadays, it becomes a household name in the world of Web and Mobile...

Mobile App Development

How To Develop A Stock Trading Mobile Apps: Complete Guide

These applications help in saving your additional charges and facilitate getting the investment tools advantages. The latest trend technology innovation and multiple possibilities are the causes behind the impr...

Digital Content Strategy Digital Marketing

Key Advantages of Digital Marketing For Your Business Growth

This is the era of technology, and businesses are enjoying all benefits of this digital era by adopting new digital marketing solutions. According to recent research by Forbes, more than 80% of customers conduc...

Latest Technology Programming Language New Programming Languages Web Development

How to Perform Google Two Factor Authentication Login in Php

Google released two-factor for GMail in 2011 to generate one-time login tokens and by adding two-factor authentication (2FA) to your web application will increase the security of the data of the user. You just ...

Cost Estimation Mobile App Development On-demand Solutions

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a FinTech App in 2021

There is no common explanation of the Fintech app as it simply means the evolution of finance utilizing the latest technology to tussle the daily finance activities. According to Statista in 2018, about 75% of ...

Food Ordering App Food ordering system Mobile App Development

3 Reasons Why Your Food Truck Business Needs a Mobile App

The growth with the use of smartphones during recent times has made applications an important role as a marketing tool for companies of all sizes. Ago, the average traffic received by startups via mobile phone ...

Home Service Provider Mobile App Development

Best 3 Maids On Demand App Development Ideas to Disrupt Home-Services Industry

We are living in an era where the internet is everything from booking a taxi to ordering food or grocery and booking laundry done at the customer’s doorstep. Through the maid service app that can provide ...

Flutter App Development Mobile App Development

Why Flutter Should Power Your Next Project

Flutter development is the platform of Google for developing the cross-platform mobile app from a compiled codebase and single. It uses the Dart language to develop, which can target the desktop and web from a ...

Mobile App Development On-demand Solutions

Alcohol Delivery Mobile App Development Cost & Key Features

The liquor mobile app helps businesses to earn maximized returns in their corresponding niche. The growing concept of On-demand alcohol delivery app development signifies taking an impressive accomplishment bes...