Intermittent fasting has newly become a health trend. It’s required to make weight loss, better metabolic health, and possibly even extend lifespan. Regarding intermittent fasting a portion of healthcare, it’s a huge industry. Your small offering to healthcare app development can surely support to enhance people’s health on another level.

All dieting apps are praised timers. You tell them when you begin your fast, and they will figure out the time/hours until you get to have again. When you are in a feeding window, they will let you know how long it is left, behind that, they can be as elaborate or as simple as you want.

With the trending alternative day fasting, eat-stop-eat, the alternate fasting diet has become a boosting well-being health solution. Being a diet expert, you can join more health-conscious and people who are seeking to lose weight through your mobile app development.

It does not imply whether you have an Android or iOS-based smartphone, you can ever get various intermittent fasting apps in the appropriate app market. Many might find it hard to pick the correct one.

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Features of Intermittent Fasting App

Intermittent fasting carries assurance, strict scheduling, and a lot of temptation resisting. In another hand, it’s not the simple diet out there. To perform anything even more difficult, once you select to try it out, you still have to choose what kind of fasting you’re working to do, there’s alternate-day fasting, where you fast for 16 hours and eat in an 8-hour window, then where you eat usually five days a week and eat very fewer calories two days a week, eat-stop-eat, the Warrior Diet.

  1. Logging and add Notes  
  2. Through logging, let the users expose how they feel at the end of all fast. Provide them with “add a note” feature, so that they can write their problems or experiences for the experts and other people making that appropriate fast.
  1. Rich & Attractive Interface
  2. Start and stop fasts with a single tap. Look how you are growing with your modern fast and when you have passed over into the magical “keto zone”.
  1. Learning Library
  2. Delve into the science back intermittent fasting using easy-to-understand videos and articles. Benefit from a current of different information related to health and survival.
  1. Keto Zone
  2. Reflect the point at which you have exhausted your liver glycogen and have begun to break down and heat fat to generate ketones. You can almost feel the big melting away.
  1. View Your Progress
  2. Track your weight, waistline limit, ketones, and blood glucose. See and observe your health improvement.

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  1. Fast You’re Style
  2. Supports all kinds of intermittent fasting. A single tap to do 16:8, 24 hours or any other fasting glass you need.
  1. Tips from the specialist – Virtual Assistance
  2. Your intermittent app development should cooperate with an expert who has experience of such fasts and diets. That helps apps to retain more users to the online stage. You can also have a pre-recorded video of the specialist tips as an in-app feature.

7 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

For those who are about to start intermittent fasting, the operation can discover our list moderately helpful and download the best-intermittent fasting app quickly. Let’s see some of the best fasting apps that you can work as your fasting representative. Here we have listed the apps for both Android and iOS.

  1. Zero
  2. The zero fasting app grasps the first position on our listing of the top 10 best intermittent fasting apps.
  1. Features:
    • Edit the start time of your fast
    • Simply add a final purpose in your fasting method
    • Access Fastient from any device.
    • Import past fasts from other tracking mobile apps via .csv file
    • Visualize your growth in achievement bar
    • View current statistics on the simple home screen immediately
    • View your weight loss, fasting or serving on a plan

Major Challenges in Healthcare Application Development

  1. Life Fasting Tracker
  2. The app has exceeded over 5, 00,000 downloads since its launch in late 2018. The fasting tracker online has reported almost 7 million fasts to date. It’s one of the first health solutions that have an excellent tracker to waist circumference, glucose, and ketones.
  1. Features:
    • Define, change and adjust the fast time to the length
    • Immediate start or stop your fast
    • Track your weight, height, glucose, and ketones
    • Simply follow the intermittent fasting status, mood and share your progress
    • Intermittent fasting helped by research and health articles added every week.
    • Connect Fasting groups to challenge, encourage and support each other accountable
  1. Bodyfast
  2. Along with 10 free fasting programs, this app allows a premium plan starting at $1.35 per week where you can take personalized supervision from a mentor.
  1. Features:
    • No ads
    • A fast-tracking timer and supervise your weeks
    • Information supply for intermittent fasting
    • Multiple notification choices
    • Over 10 fast methods as 5-2 or 16-8
    • Track your weight and body measures
    • Apple Connectivity Health
  1. Ate Food Journal – Photo Diary
  2. It allows customers to share on social media, gives them look back on their options and how it made them believe. It’s the most active and easiest food magazine and offers a user experiment with new ways, to see what acts for an individual.
  1. Features:
    • Enables users to fast track feeds via photos
    • Track fasting automatically
    • Share growth on different social platforms via social media integration
    • Stay answerable via friends or coach
  1. Vora
  2. The most useful IF tracking app with purpose setting selection found in today app market. Besides, it’s one of the excellent IF tracking apps that grow with community support which acts as a vital component for behaviour evolution.
  1. Features:
    • Peer-to-peer motivation
    • IF plat for long-term
    • Community Maintenance
    • Simple set your weight loss aim
  1. Fastient
  2. Fastient is a simple intermittent fasting tracker tool that quickly determines your progress before, during and after fasting. Its features involve the capability to track your everyday successes and record symptoms, mood change, and weight, etc. The Fastient users can add and update/edit past fasts.
  1. Features:
    • Simple tracking options
    • Universal and open interface
    • Appears with different Fasting techniques
    • It begins with the feature of achieving your goals.
    • Outputs in a simple to read graphical style
  1. MyFast
  2. MyFast is one of the biggest intermittent fasting apps guides all your fasting movement of a whole week. Myfast is also recognized as a weekly planner app and it begins with tones of guides set by the authorities on fasting activity. For newcomers of fasting, this application could be attractive valuable. It’s the highest-rated and trusted best intermittent fasting app.
  1. Features:
    • User-friendly Home Screen Widget
    • Simple to update on fasting and body analysis aspects
    • Customizable fasting timer setup
    • Multilingual
    • Track your weight loss moving in the part of the plan

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